Friday, March 11, 2011

Banana Ladies

This was just too funny/strange not to write about. This morning, just as Isaac woke up and we were laying in bed snuggling he started talking nonsense. I realized he was telling me about his dream. He kept going on and on and I could tell it was very real to him. Here's what he told me:
There were banana ladies and they were wearing boots, pants and pewfect hats (perfect). They were trying to eat his candy and get him. He wanted to get an alligator so it could bite the banana ladies' legs off. They were wewy scawy (really scary). I told him it was just a dream and not real, but he didn't buy it. "There is banana ladies momma, and they try and eat kids!!!"
I looked down at my little guy with his crazy morning afro, backwards undies, banana fear in his eyes and thought, thank you Lord for sending me such a wacky, complicated child. My life would be far less colorful. Amen.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Tomatoes For Sale!

Aubrey and Sydney love trying to sell things. They pretty much jump at any chance to set up shop.
On this day it was garden-fresh tomatoes. They made signage and had Uncle John staple it up for them. They also decided to add glasses of water to their merchandise.
Here they are eagerly awaiting the first customer.

As good of saleswomen as they are though.........

they may need to work on the overall cleanliness and presentation of the stand.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fairy Fest

Back in June my mom took my sister and I with our girls out for a very female outing. We went to a town called Alpine that's just outside of San Diego to a really beautiful nursery. It's called Summers Past Farms I believe. Each spring they hold a fairy festival where the whole place is filled with little girls (and a few poor daughterless moms that dressed up their sons) dressed like fairies. There was a fairy parade where we all lined up and fluttered through the gardens and checked out the other costumes. There were some very elaborate ones and a few scaryish gothic style outfits. It was a great place to people watch, for sure!  We packed a picnic, sat in the shade and enjoyed all the flowers growing everywhere. It was a great spot for some photo shoots. There was also a contest that we didn't participate in to build a "fairy garden" and bring to display. They were really cute. We had such a nice girly day.

Our girls were probably the brightest fairies there

This was a cute Japanese fairy garden :) It's hard to see all the tiny details.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Where's Daddy?

Not to sound weak, needy, mushy or pathetic, but I miss this guy. Not the one with fluffy white hair.....he's in my face all day. My husband. I've barely seen him in the past 2 weeks.
Summer's over. Party's over. He's back to work and the beginning of the school year is wild busy for teachers. Especially really anal ones that have to have every little detail planned and organized before the kids come to class. I'm married to one of those so he's been "preparing"  like crazy and the kids started this monday. He's been consumed, but we'll all survive. Things will calm down soon.

I'm not the only one that misses him though. Every morning Isaac asks "hey, where's Daddy?"
He doesn't quite understand yet.  Poor guy :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fresh as a Daisy, Tight as a Knot

I decided to revamp my blog. I was bored with my old look and name and needed a fresh start. I've been wanting to post more often so I started messing around for awhile and this is what I came up with for now.

We've had a lot of new things start up around here. We started a new school year, Jeff goes back to work tomorrow, Aubrey's playing soccer, Clayton is back in guitar lessons etc. The craziness begins! It feels good to be getting back into our routines though. This summer really made us realize that our family functions much better with a schedule in place. Boy do I have a tight schedule too. I have most of our day planned out in half hour increments & make time for much to be done by everyone. Oh man, it's a beautiful thing. It's all written and color coded and posted on the wall for all to see. You should stop by sometime and see it- it'll freak you out. I think my mom gets dizzy and nauseous when she sees it.

To each his own........

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Big Bear, Little Boy

Last weekend we all packed up our van and took off for a weekend in Big Bear. My sis and John invited us to stay with them in his sister's cabin. Jeff, Aubrey, Isaac and I were feeling a cold coming on, but we ignored it and went any way. On our way up the mountain our ears started plugging. Isaac said " Momma, my eaws not wowking. I can't heaw!" So I passed him, and the others a piece of gum and told him it would help unplug his ears. "ok" he says. I waited to hear him tell me that he could hear again, or that his ears popped.
I turned around to check on him and saw that he had put the gum IN his ears! We all started laughing at our funny guy. He was really mad. He hates his ears being plugged, but hates being laughed at even more.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010